Take up your cross.

Practices to prepare for Easter

The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus is central to our faith and worthy of our remembrance, reflection, and celebration.  This year, may we take the weeks leading up to Easter to prepare ourselves to celebrate what Resurrection Sunday means to us.  On this page, you will find some simple prompts for various disciplines that may help you in your own personal journey to live out the Easter message.   May God bless you in your pursuit of Him this Easter season!

Week One

Daily Devotion 
What is my plan to spend time reading the Bible in the next four weeks?  
Suggestion:  Follow the four-week Take Up Your Cross bible reading plan.

Prayer & Fasting
What can I fast from in order to make space for pursuing Jesus in the next four weeks?  Suggestions:  Social media, TV, meals, etc.

Additional Resources
Zach's message for March 19th
Bible Hub Website  ||  multiple Bible translations and resources
Fasting for Beginners  ||  an article that discusses the purpose of fasting as well as some practical tips for someone new to fasting

Week Two

To whom and how can I show generosity this week?

How can I serve others in my church and community in the weeks before Easter?

Week Three

What steps do I need to take to overcome areas of sin in my life?  Suggestion:  accountability partner, counseling, set boundaries, etc.  

Do I need to seek forgiveness and/or reconciliation from someone, especially a fellow believer?

Week Four

Share Your Story
To whom can I share a story of God's goodness and faithfulness in my life?

How can I celebrate the victory Jesus has won for me?  Suggestion:  spend some time in nature or in another "life giving" activity you enjoy